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User eXperience evaluation
User experience evaluation (also usability evaluation) is the fastest and affordable way to evaluate user-friendliness of a product and to identify possible weak points for various users with various experiences.

Evaluation is handled by several experts, whose rich experience enables them to uncover and record the productís problem zones, which reduce usability. The identified problem zones are ranked by their possible impact on the userís activities. Further on the experts suggest ways of usability improvement.

Beside this, designing path of evolution of user experience for various user auditories, so-called Costumer Journey, and scenarios of user-product interactions for each step, use cases in various contexts of use, barriers and drivers.


Completed projects of research and testing:

  • UI of touch-screen MGSU - usability evaluation
  • Web-interface of corporte site Megafon - usability evaluation
  • Web-interface of corporate site Tekora - usability evaluation

  • For OAO "VimpelCom":
  • Self care of services Beeline (https://uslugi.beeline.ru) - briefing of usability testing
  • WAP-portal Beeline (wap.beeline.ru) - briefing of usability testing
  • WAP online shop of mobile content "Zagruzi" (zagruzi.beeline.ru) - usability evaluation, briefing of usability testing
  • Mobile e-mail BMail - usability evaluation, briefing of usability testing
  • Service "Svoi (Chat)" - usability evaluation
  • Service "Voicing message" - usability evaluation, briefing of usability testing
  • Service "Multiline" - usability testing
... and others.

Read more about Ó usability evaluation and usability testing.

Portfolio holds only small part of projects, which was designed in last 10 years.
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