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ROI usbility
Let�s consider a product aimed at a broad audience, i.e. a website, certain software or a mobile service.

Supposing, the project�s launch was a success; you spent a fortune for advertising, which insured heavy website traffic and good sales dynamics.

But what happens next? Once the advertising campaign is over, the audience stops visiting the website. The technical support department keeps receiving endless string of claims and deficiency reports from product users and the percentage of subscribers keeps reducing.

The reason is clear: during the product development the company overlooked user-friendliness and Usability standards.

Usability-conscious design can ensure creation of optimal products and successful solutions. If the product or solution already exists, application of usability standards will identify usability pitfalls and will help to optimize the user interface.

Usability testing enables us to identify weak points of the product�s user interface and to suggest ways of improvement.

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