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Anton Sergeev
UI Designer

Designing user interfaces since 1998.

Professional member in international usability associations ACM SIGCHI and Usability Professionals' Association.

Ph.d. in Moscow State University.

Working experience

ConsultantPlus 2010 - present time ZAO ConsultantPlus
Senior UI expert and UX testing lead
Offline version, online version, mobile applications

Telehouse 2009 OAO TeleHouse
Senior UI designer
Services for search system GoWeb: Mail, Calendar, Files, Photosite

Beeline 2006 - 2008 OAO Vimpelcom (Beeline, NYSE:VIP)
Senior Mobile UI/UX Interaction designer
  • WAP-portal Beeline (wap.beeline.ru, release 2007-2009)
  • WAP-portal mobile content «Zagruzi» (zagruzi.beeline.ru)
  • «Bmail – mobile mail» service
  • WEB system of services e-care «My Beeline» v.2.0 (https://uslugi.beeline.ru)
  • «Svoi» service (Mobile Instant Messaging) (2008-2012)
  • «Talking Letter» service (Voice Messaging)
  • … and others

Verysell 6 2005 OAO Verysell / Verysell-6 IT Solutions
UI designer
  • Internet shop «7th Continent» (dostavka.7cont.ru)
  • Internet shop «Mosmart» CMS
  • Active Portal Lite CMS
  • … and others

Artstyle design group 2003 - 2005 Artstyle Group design studio
  • Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (council.gov.ru)
  • Toshiba projectors (projectors.toshiba.com.ru)
  • Toshiba home appliance (homeappliance.toshiba.com.ru)
  • Magazine «Vokrug Sveta»
  • Rostik's
  • … and others

Artus 2002 Artus internet agency
  • Casino "Mirage"
  • Tour Alliance Holding
  • Voyage and Rest
  • ... and others

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